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Phone Service with no line Rental

Together with a superfast broadband service we can provide you with an internet phone service, also known as VoIP (voice over Internet). Adding this to your broadband means you’ll be able to make calls using the internet instead of traditional phone lines. You still have a local number for people to call you on and the service works just like any other phone service. The key benefits are:

  • No line rental
  • Standard local number included
  • Cheap calls to mobiles and international numbers
  • 1000 UK landline minutes and 100 UK mobile minutes for just £10 per month!

VoIP is what many large companies use to save on line rental and make cheaper calls to mobiles and international numbers and unlike a mobile, it’s also cheap for other people to call you as you get a local number. Calling plans start from £10 per month for 1,000 UK landline minutes and 100 UK mobile minutes.

We can move your phone number to our service (your current phone provider will levy a small charge for this).

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Telephone PackageInclusive Landline MinutesInclusive Mobile MinutesMonthly Cost (Inc VAT)
Anytime 1000 100 £10.00
Anytime Mobile Light 1000 250 £20.00
Anytime Mobile Premium 1000 500 £30.00
All of our VoIP packages include a free local telephone number
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