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Domain Hosting

Having your own domain name secures your company name on the Internet ensuring that no-one else can use it (for example A domain name also provides the prestige of a corporate website. Using a third party domain (for example makes a very poor first impression as your customers and business partners will know immediately that you are using a free or discounted service. 

There are many benefits of having your own domain name: 

Credibility. Having your own domain name projects a professional image for you and your company. It gives the impression that you are operating an established business in a professional manner. 

Exclusivity. Having your own domain name gives you exclusivity. Without your own domain name you are limited to the e-mail and web addresses that are assigned to you by your internet service provider. For example, and However, if you register your own domain you can have and 

Mobility. Ownership of your own domain gives you the option of changing your internet service provider without changing your web address. This is not possible if you set up a web site without owning your own domain name. 

Domain Name Pricing
Terms and Conditions of .uk domain name registration


.com   .net   .org   .biz   .edu


5 Year Period £65.00
Transfer Domain To or From Kencomp Internet £15.00
* All prices subject to UK VAT and are for a 2 year period unless otherwise indicated.
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