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Superfast Broadband for your Home

At Kencomp Internet we’ve been developing a radio network to deliver superfast broadband for over 10 years. We now cover over 500 square miles of South Lakeland and can deliver up to 50 Mb/s download speeds. Check our coverage map for details.

To use our service you will need a small external radio to receive the signal (approximately 15 cm diameter) and cabling to connect the radio to our router. We can locate the router where it’s most convenient for you because we’re not tied to the BT master socket and we can usually install the service in a couple of hours.

When comparing our services to other providers do remember that you won’t pay for line rental, you will get local support and of course the broadband will be superfast! See our home service plans below.

Can I get Superfast Broadband?

Enter your postcode below to see if you can receive superfast broadband from us.

Email &

From £20.99


6GB Data Allowance

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Speed & Cost
 - £20.99
 - £30.99
 - £35.99
- £40.99

6GB is ideal for

People who use the internet occasionally, e.g., for email and some web browsing

TV &
Radio Catchup

From £25.99


40GB Data Allowance

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Speed & Cost
 - £25.99
 - £35.99
 - £40.99
- £55.99

40GB is ideal for

Using video streaming sites several times a week. Not suitable for HDTV use.

& Downloading

From £35.99


100GB Data Allowance

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Speed & cost
 - £35.99
 - £45.99
 - £50.99
- £65.99

100GB is ideal for

Regularly watching TV and films online, HD TV and online gaming


Need More Data?

Our flexible service allows you to increase your monthly data allowance based on your expected usage. This can be done using our online portal and if you buy the data in advance a small flat rate is charged per gigabyte for each gigabyte above your monthly allowance. You can change your requirements as frequently as monthly to allow for busy times and quiet times.


Are there any other charges?

For our microwave radio service there is a charge for installing a radio and supplying a router. The standard charge is £350 (inclusive of VAT). Alternatively, it is possible to rent the aerial and router for £15 per month but you would have to sign up to an 24 month contract. The installation charge includes the cost of a survey (which is not charged if we are unable to install the service), radio, cabling, router and labour.

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