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 Kencomp Internet Acceptable Use Policy

  1. The following constitutes guidance on the acceptable use of your account. In this policy "we", "us", "our", "you" and "your" are given the same meaning as in Kencomp Internet's Terms and Conditions.

  2. You agree to accept responsibility for acceptable use by anyone using your account, whether authorised or not - it is for you to ensure that you keep passwords and usernames sufficiently secure to prevent unauthorised access.

  3. You must not disclose your password to any third party other than persons you permit to operate your account.

  4. To ensure we offer all our customers the best possible service, we apply the following restrictions: This is an “always on” service but is not guaranteed to support automatic or unattended connections. We continuously monitor our networks to ensure that congestion is not occurring, but offer no guarantees of minimum sustainable speed. If usage is such that it is significantly affecting service to other users we will instigate congestion control measures. This is necessary to allow all subscribers access to the service. Further, if your connection to Kencomp is idle (no signals sent or received), then the connection will be dropped by our servers after a period of 90 minutes. You may re-connect when you wish.


  1. You must not use your account to initiate or propagate chain emails or pyramid emails nor must you send malicious, bulk or unsolicited emails, whether of a commercial nature or not.

  2. You must not do anything, which may lead to an excessive demand on our servers.

  3. You must not email someone who has specifically requested that you do not do so.

  4. You must make sure that your computer cannot be used to forward emails for a third party.

  5. You must not send emails, attempting to disguise the fact that you have sent that email.

Unlawful behaviour

  1. You must not use your account for illegal or unlawful purposes. In particular you must not do anything, which may be obscene, defamatory, cause offence, constitute an illegal threat or harassment or breach any third party intellectual property rights. You must also not use your account in order to gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access to any computer system including ours nor for any other illegal purpose.


If you become aware of any breaches of this policy by other uses, please email and attach a copy of any evidence you may have to support your complaint. We will endeavour to investigate all complaints thoroughly although we will not normally report to you regarding the outcome of any investigation.

Please note that some violations of this Acceptable Use Policy will constitute a criminal offence (as well as involving civil liability) and we have a policy to co-operate with all relevant authorities in connection with the investigation of suspected criminal offences and may doing that process reveal to such authorities details of your account for the purposes of such investigations.

In applying for internet access and an email account through Kencomp Internet you are accepting the Terms set out above (including also the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy & Schedule of Services). We may change these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms conspicuously on our website (“”) and notifying you of the same, any variations will be effective one month after they have been posted on the website.

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